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Life in the street light

As he walked down the lonely road, under the full bright moon, he noticed the shadows. The moonlight shimmering on the soft flower petals had nothing to do with them. It was cast by the russet street lights on his side.

As he moved away from the bottom of a lamp a sharp, short shadow would be cast right beneath him. He watched it elongate and blur as he walked away from the lamp. Before it had completely melted into the darkness around, the next street lamp would be directly above him and there would be light. The shadows and the darkness would vanish. Then as he moved away again, the shadow would appear small and sharp again at first, then goes on elongating….no growing with each of his steps away from the light.

But he was always comforted. Just when his shadow merged into the darkness the next streetlamp would come up. And the shadows would go away. He walked on.

The next lamp ahead of him was not shining. He felt fear. His shadows merged with the darkness and then there was nothing. He closed his eyes. He opened his heart. Perhaps he prayed.

When he opened his eyes he found himself beneath another street lamp.

Published 24 Feb 2018

A blog by Arun Augustine
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