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Courage to be Myself

I call us Divergents. Our strength as seen by the society is also our biggest weakness as seen by them. Our unconventional minds. Our brains are wired differently. Not better or worse compared to the normal. Just different. Just like a Intel CPU is wired differently than a Nvidia Graphics card. Intel CPUs can crunch a lot of numbers with accuracy and speed. An Nvidia graphics card can paint beautiful renderings on the big screen.

We are the big picture people. With an imagination that roams freely, even when we are supposed to be focussed at work or school. We see connections among random stimuli that comes into our brain from our five senses. Sometimes these are rabbit holes. It leads to no where. But sometimes these rabbit holes open up into worm holes that opens up a whole new universe for ourselves and the world, perhaps a new way of looking at things, a new way of using an existing tool, an analogy that makes it simpler to invent new metaphors, symbols that recurse down to simplicity.

Often times, just like the Rabbit, we run much faster than the Tortoises, in bursts of high energy and passion, only to decide to take a nap and lose to the Tortoise.

But I think, they always tell the story wrong.

What if the tortoise and the rabbit were not really running a race. What if they were traveling together to find the edge of the universe? If the Rabbits never ran ahead of the tortoises and never found all the dead end rabbit holes before the tortoises caught up, how would we know we were on the right path all along, on our shared quest to reach the edge of the universe?

I am Charlie, a Rabbit. I am becoming more and more comfortable at being me.

I love the fact that I gained the courage to be me. All the time.

I love my life!

Published 14 Feb 2018

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